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The NVOP is a duly chartered non-profit corporation qualified by the Internal Revenue Service as a charitable organization under section 501(c) 3 of the IRS code. The NVOP, headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, is recognized nationally as a premier community-based service providers specializing in services for veterans with special needs. From the beginning, NVOP has accomplished its mission by advocating for improved care and services for veterans of the Vietnam era, and it has evolved over the past four decades to be at the forefront of services for post-9/11 veterans and other service members transitioning to civilian life.

The NVOP provides several different programs for employment assistance, each with varying target groups of veterans as its objective (post-9/11, homeless, disabled, etc.). Some veterans will qualify for service under one program, while others with more acute challenges may qualify for several programs. The current programs include the following:

Texas Veterans Outreach Program (TVOP)

A program funded by the State of Texas and administered by the NVOP focusing on reaching out to veterans with special challenges to employment, including: veterans recently discharged from military service (within 48 months of application) that often times find difficulty in reintegrating into society and the job market; disabled veterans with either physical or mental disorders that may need that special advocacy from the NVOP case managers in selling their ability to employers; homeless veterans that usually need support services to stabilize their lives before entering the job search; and veterans with barriers to employment such as those that have history of substance abuse or veterans that have ex-offender status. This program offers services in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas/Ft. Worth and El Paso, Texas.

Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP)

This program is designed to reach out to the many veterans that have become homeless and need an array of services to reach self-sufficiency again.  This program offers employment placement assistance and job training, but it also offers intense case management that often deals with stabilization at the onset, housing support for the next phase, addressing the myriad of support services that may be necessary to make the person more compatible in the job market, and finally placement and follow-up support that is critical to retention and long-term success. This program is offered to homeless veterans and homeless veterans with families in San Antonio.

Texas Workforce Commission Program (TWCP)

The TWCP program, funded by the Texas Workforce Commission, offers homeless and unemployed non-veterans the life skills training, employment readiness training, résumé workshops, and education upgrade training needed to move off of public benefits and into regular employment. Through the program, NVOP has placed hundreds of individuals into jobs in industries such as security, hospitality, retail, and construction. This program offers services in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and El Paso.

Veterans Enterprises of Texas (VETS)

This self-sustaining program was specifically established to create job opportunities for disabled veterans that may not be ready to enter mainstream employment. Using two business enterprises, the VETS Box Manufacturing Company and the VETS Work Center, the organization creates temporary job opportunities for disabled veterans in a sheltered work environment that will help the veteran realize their full work potential and enable them to re-enter the mainstream employment market.

Are you a company looking to hire our clients?

We host monthly job fairs to hire both veterans and non-veterans in five Texas cities (San Antonio, El Paso, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston). At these hiring events, NVOP case managers act as job brokers between individuals and employers. This ensures that each individual has prompt access to employment and is presented with a variety of job options that are consistent with their strengths, skills, and/or military experience. Would you like to set up a table for your business at our next hiring fair? Contact us at (210) 354-4892 or e-mail malexander@agif-nvop.org.

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NVOP is leading the way for our warriors coming home. Join our efforts by donating today.



NVOP is leading the way for our warriors coming home. Join our efforts by donating today.